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The father (and son) of Karateka: My interview with Jordan Mechner, creator of Prince of Persia

In honor of The Making of Karateka launching on consoles and PCs this week, I got a chance to interview that game’s crea

The Internet’s 4,000th Barbieheimer review

…but I think my take turned out pretty decently. Enjoy a blow-by-blow, fully scientific breakdown of which simul-launche

My reviews of a few Seattle Intl Film Fest 2023 entries

Indie film reviews! Mine include incarceration, puppet blood, and hundreds of exposed male penises. You can ctrl+F my last nam

Article/interview: The history of games-emulation pioneer Randy Linden

Really fun interview here with Randy Linden, whose claims to fame include the ambitious Super Nintendo version of Doom, an aut

Super Mario Bros. film review: It’s-a medicore, Mario!

I wrote this for The Stranger in Seattle, ahead of what I assume will be a bazillion-dollar box office gross. Super Mario Bros

Article/interview: How Seattle’s weirdest arcade cabinet connects to a larger tech-arts scene

I had a blast chronicling the creation of The Simpsons Colonoscopy Party, a bizarre arcade cabinet that resides at SeattleR

GDC 2023, pt. 1: Accessibility in video games, Spider-Man on PC, some cool indies

Hi from the 2023 Game Developers Conference! I’m contributing to GameDeveloper.com’s coverage of the annual event

Article/interview: The 15th anniversary of World of Goo

My latest game-history retrospective at Game Developer tells the story of World of Goo, which turns 15 years old this yearR

Article/interview: The 30th anniversary of Ultima Underworld

Head to gamedeveloper.com to learn, among other things, how John Madden Football ’93 changed the future of the “im

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