Sam’s writing/editing credits

Welcome, and thanks for successfully spelling my last name. Click through for a full list of writing and editing credits. _

Ars Technica – Video games, software, gadgets, geek culture, arts
Game Developer – Video games, history of technology
The Stranger – Video/board games, pop music, films, Seattle arts/city
Digital Foundry – On-air appearances about games, geek culture, arts – On-air appearances about games, geek culture, arts
Billboard – Pop music
Unwinnable – Games and geek culture
American Way, American Airlines – Arts, gadgets, video games, film, TV, pop music
Seattle Metropolitan/PubliCola – Video games, Seattle arts, Seattle tech companies
City Arts Magazine – Seattle arts, video games
– Video games, arts, music
Medium – Arts, video games, pop music
The Daily (former iPad-only magazine) – Video games, apps, software, technology, pop music
The Atlantic – Video/board games, pop music
Kill Screen Magazine – Video games
The Escapist – Video games
Dallas Observer – Section editor, blog editor, nightlife listings editor, nationally syndicated pop music columnist
D CEO – Business, tech
AFI Dallas International Film Festival – Program editor, feature writer, film synopses
Dallas Morning News – Nationally syndicated video game critic